This is what the NSW government and Lend Lease want to give us at Barangaroo

Plunder of Barangaroo

The Barangaroo Action Group is concerned with the Lend Lease redevelopment of the Darling Harbour East Foreshore

Notice of Annual General Meeting on 29 December 2014 (click to download)

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Latest information and updates:

Barangaroo Developer Secret Deals  (66 KB)
Barangaroo Developer Secret Deals
Barangaroo Court Action 30-Nov-2010  (65 KB)
Barangaroo Court Action 30-Nov-2010
United View on Barangaroo 23-Nov-2010  (84 KB)
United View on Barangaroo 23-Nov-2010
Video spotlights contamination at Barangaroo  (80 KB)
Video spotlights contamination at Barangaroo



We are committed to ensuring:

  • Open and proper planning processes are adopted
  • Commercial considerations do not outweigh aesthetic and environmental factors
  • The NSW public is made fully aware of issues that will affect Sydney for decades to come
  • Important questions, such as why the development of an area as large as the commercial area of North Sydney is to be carried out by a single developer, are not left unanswered
  • The NSW public understands why Paul Keating and the NSW Government is championing a plan that provides for a 60 storey hotel to be constructed over harbour waters 150 metres from the foreshore
  • The NSW public understands why Paul Keating and the NSW Government is championing a plan that provides for 50% more commercial space and 20% more height than the plan unanimously chosen by an independent jury, which included Paul Keating.



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